Candle Magic

Have you ever wondered why candles have so many differing options of color choice? Well besides it just being fun to dabble with color, there are unique benefits as to why we should light certain hues.

What do candles do for our soul? Naturally, the candles flame reduces stress and increases self-awareness. However, they also aid manifestation when pairing with a colored candle.

Color Breakdown

Black: Protection & Clearing.

White: Healing & Purity.

Green: Prosperity & Health.

Red: Passion & Action.

Purple: Enlightenment & Spiritual.

Blue: Wisdom & Creativity.

Pink: Friendship & Self Love.

Yellow: Focus & Intelligence.

Brown: Stability & Balance.

Orange: Positivity & Adaptability.

Gold: Luck & Success.

Silver: Intuition & Lunar magic

What colors are you naturally drawn to? This is usually what our body, mind and spirit is seeking subconsciously.

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Spirit Animals

Have you noticed you see or are drawn to certain animals more than others? There is a spiritual reason as to why this natural pulling is felt.

Do you dare to explore deeper the messages your animal guides have for you?

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