Meet the Practitioners

Sarah Schlotterback with Soulfully Enlightened


If you're looking for relief from mental, emotional, and physical pain, an hour session of floating and energy healing will help assist in alleviating these life stressors. While floating, you will enjoy Crystal Energy Healing along with Reiki during a session with Sarah. Afterwards there will be an Intuitive Coaching sit down that follows, to discuss what was seen during your floating session and if you have any questions.  Sarah will listen intently, ask powerful questions, seek wisdom from her intuition, and bring about positive change from the inside out.

Qualifications: MBA, Certified Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki level 2, Crystal Therapy
Healing Float Session: $135

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Rhianna Mays with Reiki Healing & Intuition


Rhianna is a Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer and Access Bars Practitioner. Rhianna has been helping people find peace and deep healing since 2016. As a trauma and PTSD warrior she understands first hand the importance of self-care and made it her life’s mission to help others create a spiritual, mental and physical life of well-being. In fact, Rhianna credits floating and Reiki as part of the holistic protocol that saved her life. 

During your fusion session, Rhianna will channel Holy Fire 3 Reiki and will be able to help with physical pain, turn on and strengthen chakras as well as create a deeply peaceful environment and more. Rhianna will also be using her Source inspired, Meditation and Healers Oil that increases the Universal healing energy coming in making your fusion experience even more powerful. After your session, you will get to briefly chat with her to find out what she felt or what homework she suggests in helping you on your healing journey. Rhianna considers it an honor to serve the community in this way and she looks forward to helping you.

Qualifications: Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master, Access Bars Certified
Healing Float Session: $160

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Tasha Wilwerding with Moonlight Oracle Energy Healings


Intuitive Usui Reiki Master Tasha Wilwerding brings about a transformation that will lower stress, ease pain, boost spiritual movement, deliver equilibrium and peace. This service is coupled with power animal messages, Oracle and or Angel card messages, crystal's, brass bowls and tuning fork vibrations during her elevating energy healing sessions. In depth details will be unfolded as she speaks with your chakras to cleanse, balance and increase vitality.  

Qualifications: BSN, Certified Usui Reiki Master.
Healing Float Session: $150

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Rhonda Ryan with Moonlight Oracle & Blue Oceans Float


Rhonda Ryan is an Intuitive Reiki healer that’s been through her own sacred transformation and personal development that aids her insights and balancing energy. Through these phases, its enabled her the ability to spiritually council and guide others using Holy Fire Reiki healing, crystals and Oracle card guidance. Experience tranquility, relaxation, stress release and a new vibrancy for life. 

Qualifications: Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master Certification

Healing Float Session: $140

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Michaela Brown with Moonbeam Natural Healthcare


Michaela Brown is the owner of Moonbeam Natural Healthcare. She is a Certified Reiki Master, Certified Clinical Herbalist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Birth Doula and the owner and plant alchemist of Moonbeam Medicinals. Michaela received her certification as a Reiki Master in the Usui lineage in 2010. 

She infuses each reiki session with a deep spiritual connection to and knowledge about nature, natural elements, astrology, herbalism, yoga, and tools from 20+ years of study and practice in the healing arts. This includes the chakra system, dream interpretation, animal guides, crystals, color therapy, and emotional and physical trauma stored in the body. 

Michaela connects with your highest self to activate, balance, and harmonize your physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies. To extend the benefits from your reiki float and integrate the relaxation and inner peace into your daily life, Michaela recommends a personalized self care ritual and complementary natural healing practices with referrals to Omaha-based practitioners and resources. 

Qualifications: BA, Reiki Master, Clinical Herbalist, RYT-200, Birth Doula

Healing Float Session: $150

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Experience Something New


Take your self-care routine to the next level.  Did you know stress and stagnate energy can create illness in the body? Remove these unwanted affects with the use of Reiki. This healing modality seeks to promote relaxation, decrease pain, speed healing and reduce other symptoms of illness. During a healing float session, your practitioner will channel energy from the outside in, that will amplify the waters healing effects while you float. This is a fusion service that serves to increase the frequency of energy while being submerged in magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt). 


Energetic Healing Floats, Exclusively Offered at Blue Oceans Float.