Rhianna Mays

Rhianna Mays, Reiki Practitioner


Rhianna is a Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer and Access Bars Practitioner. Rhianna has been helping people find peace and deep healing since 2016. As a trauma and PTSD warrior she understands first hand the importance of self-care and made it her life’s mission to help others create a spiritual, mental and physical life of well-being. In fact, Rhianna credits floating and Reiki as part of the holistic protocol that saved her life. 

During your fusion session, Rhianna will channel Holy Fire 3 Reiki and will be able to help with physical pain, turn on and strengthen chakras as well as create a deeply peaceful environment and more. Rhianna will also be using her Source inspired, Meditation and Healers Oil that increases the Universal healing energy coming in making your fusion experience even more powerful. After your session, you will get to briefly chat with her to find out what she felt or what homework she suggests in helping you on your healing journey. Rhianna considers it an honor to serve the community in this way and she looks forward to helping you.


Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master, Access Bars Certified

Healing Float Session:

1 Hour Energy Healing Float - $170