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Chakra Healing Pendulum Crystals

Chakra Healing Pendulum Crystals

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The Chakra Healing Crystals Pendulum is the perfect tool for those who want to improve their dowsing and divination skills. Made from natural quartz, this pendulum makes it ideal for finding lost objects, understanding the future, or gaining insights into the past. The beautiful antique design of the pendulum is also perfect for use as a pendant or focal point in your home.

How to use a pendulum for yes/no questions:

  1. Ready your mind. Free yourself of internal and external noise. Clear your mind of worries. Relax and focus. Quiet, non-lyrical music may help, along with other meditational aids like candles, incense, and crystals - but these things are not required and you can, use your pendulum anywhere, at any time, with or without these extra items.
  2. Position yourself and your pendulum. Ideally, you want to sit up straight and if possible, put both feet flat on the floor. Grasp the pendulum's fob between your thumb and forefinger - or if you prefer, you can grasp anywhere along its chain, as long as you leave a couple inches between your fingers and the pendulum's weight stone. Arch your wrist slightly, steady your forearm (but not your hand) on something solid, like the edge of a table or arm of a chair. Let the pendulum just dangle. Try to hold very still, but don't worry if your hand shake's a little bit. This won't affect the outcome.
  3. Program your pendulum's signals. You only need to do this step once, unless you decide to make changes afterward. The purpose of programming is to establish signals for each of these answers:
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe (which can also be interpreted as "I don't know or I don't want to say)

Here are some common, easy-to-read signals that you can choose to use:

  • Front to back (like a head nod - common for "yes")
  • Side to side (like a head shake - common for "no")
  • Clockwise circle
  • Counterclockwise circle

To begin programming your pendulum, first decide what your three signals are. Note: Some people prefer to ask the pendulum to choose its own signals or you can decide for it. Next demonstrate each signal: Ask your pendulum a question and begin your practice by verifying the signals. Clear your pendulum by tapping on your palm to reset it before asking the next question.

Helpful Tips

  1. Relax ,enjoy the connection.
  2. Be open, neutral and definitely do not try to predict answers.
  3. Be clear in the way you phrase your questions.
  4. Be patient, be present.
  5. To get a stronger response, say "respond louder please" or "be more clear."
  6. Cup your other hand underneath the point or weight stone to help focus energy.
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