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Moonlight Oracle Energy Healings

Reiki Energy Healing Float


Reiki Healing Floats Introduction

Enjoy the healing benefits of Reiki, combined with the power of deprivation cabin style floating. With a 1,000lbs of medical grade Epsom salt in 10″ of body temperature water, you will notice your body disappear as you merge into Oneness with your Higher Self. Our oldest element on this planet (H2O) works alongside the energy transmission from the Reiki creating an all encompassing healing retreat for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Benefits of Reiki Healing Floats

This Reiki Healing Float can aid in lowering stress, depression, anxiety, relieves bodily pain, increases sleep patterns, supports mental performance and many other mind, body and Spirit aides. Experience what it means to merge with Oneself in this body-temperature water that eases you into a plane of wonder. Co-hosted with the amazing staff and owner at the Float District.

*Cost of the float with the Float District is separate.

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